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Walking Tours of the first 3 Tunnels

For many people riding a bike just isn't them for one reason or another, and the option of stretching the legs after an hour or so in the car is just the tonic to get the blood pumping again.

The track itself though isn't steep because its a train line with a slight inclination.,

Here we have Don and Sally all the way from Cromwell in NZ. They have a BnB there if you are in the region called Cromwell Escape on the shores of Lake Dunstan.

The massive storm the day prior resulted in lots of water across the road, and a very boggy track.

Walking to the first three tunnels however was certainly on the cards.

On our tours we have some who wish to ride theirs or our pushy down the hill along with others who don't like the idea of a tender toosh and would rather walk.

Ask us about this option.

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