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Tunnels and Campout

This weekend Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of April, is all about the Boyne Valley, as the Boyne Valley Country Music Campout is being held at the Discovery Centre at Ubobo with very big attendances of Caravanners and Campers expected to turn up.

We will be running our 20-seater bus out to the tunnels from Gladstone on Friday and Saturday morning (depending on numbers of course) and swinging past the Campout to pick up any who’d like to either bike down through the 6 tunnels or maybe just walk to the first couple, and bus down to pick up the riders at the bottom of the hill 11 kms away.

We do have a small number of loan bikes available if you don’t have your own.

By the way it’s a very easy pedal down the hill…

This guided tour departs Gladstone around 7 am and departs Ubobo around 8 am.

Returning to Ubobo around 11 am approx. and Gladstone 1 pm

If you are interested, please make contact and book a spot. Minimum numbers are essential

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