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The importance of Reviews.

As many will know in my previous life I was chartered with looking after the Gladstone Area Promotion and Development Ltd (GAPDL) and I have been part of that organisation for the past 24 or more years. Now, since becoming a tour operator, the reviews, or the remarks, become very important to the delivery on our promise.

Our goal is to take you on a tour which will entertain, inform and create memories that will last a lifetime.

These past couple of weeks we have had a few through with a couple going out of their way to write a review like Greg Luscombe who had his own 55 seat luxury coach, which I climbed aboard to make it easier, who wrote

“Fortunately for us, today Darryl was able to come on board our tour coach & guide us around Gladstone. Darryl personifies the reason we use local guides whenever we can. Entertaining, engaging informative & keeps it real! Thanks for a great tour Darryl”

Then there was Robyn Curry who, with his wife Karen, joined us for a tour and wrote.

“Just been on this tour with Darryl and it was fantastic. Would recommend it to any visitor or local. Nothing was a trouble to him, and his knowledge of the area is amazing. Thanks, Darryl, for an enjoyable experience.”

There have been many others as well recommending the tour and me.

You are also able to help in small, but crucial ways, like sharing the website, or looking up cruising through the site to see what we have on offer with tours, news, blogs and photos.

Simply liking our Facebook or Instagram pages, certainly helps gain traction for this brand-new business and helps drive that search engine optimization (SEO) to bring it further up the list.

This is a brand-new business and we’d certainly love it if you could like, comment, share our website, pages, photos and also consider jumping on board for a tour

of my, and yours, back yard, because its chokka block full of stories and experiences.

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