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History which shaped our community

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

There were many explorers come pioneers, in the European sense, such as John Oxley, Colonel George Barney, who came through this region to see if it could be farmed, settled, and used in a way where communities, as we know it, can survive.

For thousands of years prior, the nations which occupied this region, being the Byelle, Goerang, Gurang Gurang, and the trabela bunda peoples lived, wandered and gathered on these very shores feasting on Barra, mud crabs, oysters, turtles, dugong along with many of the foods the bush and countryside provided.

The likes of those living to the west of the Boyne River would end up in the Barney Point area while those south of the Boyne from say Mundubbera would end up at Tannum Sands and many trails and artefacts have been found to this day, which shed light on how life was way before Europeans arrived.

One of our tours sheds some light on those times, and the skills they possessed which would blow you away. Ask us about our Cultural Heritage Tour, as these are only made by appointment

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