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Transfers from Airport now on!

As of April 2024, we at Gladstone Region Tours have started a new service providing a connection between the Gladstone Airport and the Gladstone Marina to the check-in and departure point for the Ferry to Heron Island.

These services will operate on Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week with bookings available for two services (if required) through the website or EFTPOS is available with the driver.

In the afternoons of those 3 days, we will also be offering a transfer back to the airport for those arriving back in the Marina from Heron Island.

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we have Bonza flights arriving from Melbourne, and we will be able to transfer you to your hotel in Gladstone.

For those staying in Gladstone we have also created a tour called City to Beach to Barra tour to show you around this amazing place. Check it out.

For those looking for a Hotel Transfer for the 7.30 am flight on a Monday Wednesday and Friday, we do have a booking spot for you as well, but only for a 6 am pick up and one service.

If you require other group services, please email or contact us and we'll do our best to look after you.

For bookings click here

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