Social Tours

Sunset Sessions

Join us for an hours lap around the city to suss out what make this city so unique and special.

Then kick back and relax as we take you to a spot away from everyone, where you can watch the sun set over Mt Larcom, while sipping a cool beer or wine, and enjoying a platter of cheeses and meats, amongst friends and colleagues.

We can then drop you back to the CBD, where you can continue on to dinner at one of our fabulous restaurants


2hrs | Tour operates on request with numbers achieved

Min 12 pax | Max 14 pax due to distancing (20 normally)

Call to check availability on the date you require.




Gladstone Industry

Gladstone is well known as the hub of many heavy industries, vital to the state and national economies.  


During your Gladstone Industry tour, we'll visit a world-class industrial site, from our Alumina Refinery, Queensland’s largest Coal-Fired Power Station, Aluminium Smelters to our Coal and Grain Terminals.

You will gain insights into the process of the production on-site and what these global companies are doing to be sustainable from an environmental, economic and social standpoint.

Combine with a Curtis Ferry Services, Port of Gladstone Harbour tour  (POGHT) which showcases the interesting history of the Gladstone Port as well as the LNG plants and shipping activity *(+ 2.5 hrs).

Gladstone Region Tours brings together heritage, culture, safety, environment, education and industry.


  • Expert commentary

  • Up close and personal sensory experience

  • A unique combination of heavy industry with education and tourism



2 hrs * (+2.5 hrs if adding the POGHT)

Tour operates twice-weekly - AM & PM

Min 10 pax | Max 20 pax

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Cultural & Arts

Australia's indigenous culture is the oldest living culture in the world, one in which the land and the spirits are intertwined. 

Since the time of dreaming, Koongo, place of water, Yallarm, place of shells and its environs have been the home of the Byellee, Gooreng Gooreng, Gurang and Taribelang Bunda nations.


During our Cultural and Arts tour, you'll cleanse the way for new beginnings as you're welcomed by the Byellee Nation during a traditional smoking ceremony.  Pay your respects to the land and sea of country and be enlightened as you listen to stories of travel, music, dance, traditions and customs passed down through the generations. 

Learn about first nation art and what it means.

Indulge your passion for art, history, architecture and music as we visit two workshops and galleries around the Gladstone Region.


  • Rare opportunity to experience a traditional smoking ceremony

  • Experience Gladstone's rich history of Art and Culture

Duration: 4 hrs

Min 6 pax | Max 20 pax

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Food & Beverage

Discover a passion for food in the Gladstone Region on our Food and Beverage tour.


Informative and fun, you will discover the diversity of crops and other produce being unearthed or caught across the region. 


On this tour, we will visit a local, family-owned farm and learn all about a rare and specialised product that is being grown. 


From the farm, we'll return to Gladstone to enjoy a delectable and exclusive lunch,  partnered with wines and boutique beers from across the region, while being educated with a rich food story.


  • A unique way to experience the Gladstone Region's best food 

  • Personalised to your tastes and desires

  • Learn about local produce and iconic ingredients


5 hrs - Depart 10.30 AM | Return 3.30 PM

Hotel pickup available on request

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