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Navigating COVID-19

So much has changed in the past month or so, and now we see that the whole tourism industry, as well as the nation, basically shut down.

Here at Gladstone Region Tours we are not immune, and Darryl, a couple of weeks ago, has taken the big step by parking the bus, until the social distancing laws are relaxed, and people begin to move around the region once again.

The Gladstone Region will recover from this pandemic very well however, as we have a work force which are the back bone to the massive international industries calling Gladstone home, and a port which is continues to be flat out along with running a very stringent bio security regime.

Once all this is over why not call in and jump aboard for a tour, to learn about this amazing place.

Until then, however, please stay safe, and don’t hesitate to contact our team if you have an inquiry for a tour, or a charter.

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